Smart Water Meters

All water meters have a limited life and must be replaced periodically to ensure accuracy per the AWWA standards is maintained. With water prices increasing and the drive for water conservation, the MUD 208 board made the decision to replace all meters in our district with “Smart” meters, ones that send data electronically which can be monitored by our operator H2O Consulting, as well as the customer. A very important benefit is that leaks can be detected much sooner, saving excessive water loss and the associated cost.

All residential customers in MUD 208 are able to access their water usage data online. Once registered for an online account, customers will be able to see how water usage spikes on the days their sprinkler system is active. Another advantage is that customers can receive leak alerts. With this feature, if water is flowing continuously for 24 hours at a customer specified rate, the customer is notified by a text and/or email that their household has a leak. Once a 24-hour period goes by with water flow less than the specified value, an alert is sent that the leak has stopped. After an online account is set up, water usage data is available at the EyeOnWater website and the EyeOnWater app for your phone.