H2O Consulting deserves a big Thank You from all of MUD 208 residents for their preparations and hard work before and during the recent freeze event to keep the water system up and running the entire time.

Winterization preparations, which includes wrapping valves, insulating controls, and installing space heaters, were completed by the end of October. Before the storm hit, they reviewed critical items, such as making certain they had adequate fuel and inspecting all power supply lines to insure they are free and clear of any tree limbs that might come crashing down. H2O Consulting employees had to check all the utility trucks to make sure they were road-ready, including full gas tanks and equipped with necessary tools like heat torches and bolt cutters. They also made certain the generators and natural gas engines were working properly. Spare parts for piping repairs were purchased and nonessential plumbing at facilities were isolated and drained. The day before the freeze hit, they made final adjustments to critical valves and controls. If you were signed up to receive alerts, you would have received one at this time to remind you to prepare your own home for this event. Along with having several meetings to discuss coverage at multiple facilities and communication plans, these guys worked endlessly to ensure that residents of MUD 208 had water safe to drink throughout the event. All the while, H2O employees had to deal with the same type of situations that we were experiencing in our own homes.

Noticed the mention of an alert being sent out? If you have not signed up for the alert system, now is as good a time as any to do so. All you need to do is click on the link on the right side of this webpage or text MUD208 to 474747. If we need to communicate with you at any time during any extreme weather event, you will have reliable, accurate, and up to date information directly from your district.

You can also enroll for e-mail alerts by visiting H2O Consulting’s website at https://h2oconsulting.net/alerts. Note that there are separate sign-ups for e-mail alerts and text alerts. Be sure to indicate MUD 208 as your district.

Your contact information will not be used for any purpose other than to communicate with you regarding your district’s news and information.