Like many of the residences, MUD 208 has also experienced damage caused by the AT&T construction in the area. The problem occurred on June 3rd, at about 10:30am, when a subcontractor for AT&T, drilled through the 12” water main that supplies water to the north side of the District. The operator for the District, H2O Consulting, was able to respond in a matter of minutes to isolate the water line break. H2O Consulting employed the District’s emergency water supply to maintain pressure and provide water while repairs were made. The District utilized the smart meter network to verify that the system pressure had not been compromised, and although the damage was significant; the repair was solid. The Water Treatment Plant was offline for one day, but was back in operation for the weekend. The District has started a review of the events that led up to this mess and the District wants to share with you the outreach to AT&T that was made before this event occurred. In February, the District communicated a detailed layout of all water and sewer line potential conflicts that the drilling company needed to prepare for, including this exact location. This information was sent again at the beginning of May as a reminder along with written request to be present for all construction. Even with frequent site visits from H2O Consulting, these requests and warnings fell on deaf ears, as less than 30 days later, the damage was done. As a result of this incident, H2O is diligently monitoring the remaining drilling in the area. Like many homeowners, the District is working diligently on restoring our site.