With summer approaching, be sure that your irrigation system is running at peak performance. Harris County Municipal Utility District No. 208 is offering assistance by providing a complementary inspection of your sprinkler system. A tune-up to your irrigation system will improve the efficiency at which your lawn is watered during the hot summer months, thus saving money and conserving water. The goal of this program is to use techniques approved by the State of Texas to set irrigation water usage at state recommended levels and to improve your home’s sprinkler system efficiency with a plan that is personalized to fit your home’s landscape. The Landscape Irrigation Program will provide the services of a Licensed Texas Irrigator who would visit your home at your convenience and conduct a comprehensive audit of your sprinkler system free of charge.

Do you know that you can overwater your lawn? Overwatering will deplete the oxygen which stresses both grass and plants making them more susceptible to disease and insect damage. Minor disease and insect problems can become major lawn disasters when a lawn has a shallow root system. Daily watering will cause a shallow root system. Less frequent but longer watering to achieve ½ to 1 inch of water maximum per week is all that the lawn needs.

Our Landscape Irrigation Program has helped many of your fellow residents reduce water usage thus saving money while still maintaining a strong green yard. Some homeowners have even won Yard of the Month while following the custom watering run time schedules recommended by this program.

If you are interested in an irrigation system audit being performed at your residence, or would like additional information, please contact Joshua D. Board of H2O Consulting at 281-861-6215 or by e-mail at: conservation@h2oconsulting.net. Please note that the Free audit is available to every MUD 208 household once every 3 years.

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