October 17
Board Meeting
November 19
Conservation Meeting
November 21
Board Meeting
December 17
Conservation Meeting
Landscape Irrigation Program
Remember we have a Landscape Irrigation Program that is a FREE OF CHARGE service provided by MUD 208.

Ignore the Hype: Don't Flush a Wipe
Wipes, grease, oils and fats discharged by property owners into the sewers has resulted in operational issues at the sewer plant increasing maintenance costs.

The Board of Directors is pleased to inform you that your Your HCMUD No. 208 taxes for 2013 have been reduced to $0.59 per $100 assessed valuation.

None at this time

Harris County Municipal Utility District # 208 was created in March 1981 and held its first meeting on March 2, 1983. Harris County MUD # 208 delivers water and treats wastewater for more than 1200 residential households in the Copperfield Subdivisions of Southdown Village Section 5 as well as Southcreek Villages Sections 3 through 11.